Welcome to our site

Welcome to our site. Since era of rapidly evolving digital transformation, we have been trying to create a platform to serve as a repository for all documented in form of articles, although some were initially video-based.

Formed in 2017, we are committed to helping anyone adapt quickly in era of digitalization that is growing massively without stopping. In a fairly limited capacity, we are grateful to have support of many people who visit and appreciate even if only through one word that creates a positive vibe.

Although this journey has not and will not always be easy, we will continue to stand by our principles, vision, and mission as more and more people become aware of new era of modernization and digitalization.

ShukanBunshun.com website has always tried to help readers who are confused about technology. We generally upload tutorial posts, although sometimes we intersperse them with current up-to-date information that is not far from our main topic.

We also thank current and past teams, their dedication and passion for helping others truly fantastic. They will keep providing you an amazing up to date information.

From then on, from now onwards we always hope to dedicate ourselves to helping you all without having to change our vision and mission.

As of now our focus is mainly on tech, product, gaming, and digital related topics. We believe quality and equality is all that matters in our point of views which are based on detailed research, self-experienced insights, plus analysis based.

Guest Postings.

In order to further help our readers get relevant information from experts, we started Guest Posting in early 2018. We are forever grateful to have met those incredible figures in the past few years.

Those who have contributed are very committed to helping readers with a complete, detailed, basic, and full of insights presentation based on their respective passions.

Our platform is also open to anyone who wants to share their experiences, showcase your passion, and discuss with readers on the same topic until they find a new family in exact same interest.

Our contributors are already quite numerous. Whether they are seasoned writers or just starting out, we have found many amazing perspectives and unique insights that are not found elsewhere.

To all writers and contributors, we are proud and very appreciative of all knowledge that you have shared with everyone and helped them out to find solutions and learn new things.

We want to be better, be kinder, more considerate, more thoughtful, we want to be more passionate, more driven, more curious.