HKT48 Tomonaga Mio 'Egao no Maho' on Young Animal Gravure Vol 19

Tomonaga Mio Gravure HKT48 YM 007

Young Animal Magazine No.19 2017 Gravure 'Egao no Maho' 
Model: Tomonaga Mio 朝長美桜 (HKT48 2nd Generation) 
Fukuoka, Japan - 19 May 1998 (19-years-old) 
9th Sousenkyo: #35 (Next Girls) 
Twitter: 30_mio_0517 / Instagram: miochan_0517 / Google+ (G+): plus(dot)google(dot)com/113498563179644571221

Interview YAM with Tomonaga Mio Translated by Mad

Thanks for coming, Mio-san, glad to be here with you. The first question coming up..

1. Tomonaga Mio, you says really want to be a new pioneer of HKT48, right? 

Mio: Exactly. It seems that fans were surprised when I was said that. But it was really my goal.

2. What's your thoughts when you came with Sashihara Rino and interviewed alongside with her?

Mio: I was deciding that 'I am not nervous', it was my first time to talk with Sasshi one-on-one. But was good talking, I asked more and got answered. It's really out putting myself out. I said to the fans for a long time 'I don't like to lose my ambition', but I have been told that 'it is hard to see'.

3. You said you didn't want to lose, is the thought strong against the current pioneer too?

Mio: Obviously, I have feeling that I'm not only want but I can too.

4. Are you actually believe to 'beat' the likes of Sasshi, Meru and Sakura to lead HKT48? 

Mio: Last time when I became a center of song there was a research subject and there was something like a topic center but it was parts that weren't enough. If I can do it, why not? I think that I would like to be a center. With my proper ability to say that my fans also waiting. I really wanted to show a growing figure.

5. What's your thoughts on Hakataza concert? 

Mio: It was fun, everyone at the group work very hard for giving their best to the fans, nostalgic and atmosphere from the fans were amazing. Very thankful that I can be on Hakataza stage.

6. Your wish for the future of your career? 

Mio: Wish I could release my 2nd Photobook and I want to have a long hair, means so easy to wishing but sometimes hard to do or get it.
Kesimpulan Interview: Mio Tomonaga, seperti yang ia tuliskan di blognya, ingin menjadi 'wajah baru' bagi HKT48, mau rilis photobook, punya rambut panjang dan membuat zaman baru sebagaimana ambisinya untuk melengserkan Sashihara Rino, Miyawaki Sakura, Kodama Haruka dan Tashima Meru. 
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Young Animal Magazine No. 19 2017 'Egao no Maho' Mio Tomonaga Gravure グラビア 朝長美桜 HKT48.