HKT48 Tanaka Miku 'Juroku' on UTB Magazine Gravure Vol 259

UTB Magazine No. 259 'Juroku' 
Model: Tanaka Miku 田中美久 (HKT48 Team H) 
Kumamoto, 12 September 2001 
9th Sousenkyo: #28 (Undergirls) 
Twitter: Miku_monmon3939 

Interview UTB with Tanaka Miku HKT48 - English Translation by Mad 

The 16-year-old girl HKT48 Team's member, Tanaka Miku is finally came to UTB, making gravure and had a good time during interview. 

"Don't know where I'm going, but as far as I can, let's do it!" says Mikurin. 

- Do you go often recently? 
Mikurin: Yeah I did. I did a karaoke, wanted for good food but don't fit at all. When I find some shops, I though that here is the nice place but it's absolutely nothing.

- If you are hungry, why you decide for doing a karaoke early? 
Mikurin: I tried. But my friend forced me for karaoke (laughs). 

It seems that karaoke make you feel comfortable isn't it? 
Mikurin: Of course, I feel like free when singing (laugh). Because when you are singing, you go to the toilet, drink juice, do different things.

Do you really have a relationship with other members? (Laugh) 
Mikurin: Nope, but I really close to fellow HKT48 Tomonaga Mio, she is so kind. 

- What do you feel during gravure photo session earlier? 
Mikurin: I'm really nervous. 

- You are about becoming a high-school student in the spring, right? 
Mikurin: Yep, I've prepared myself before, and it was going to be an amazing journey. 

- Have you ever going to someone's party?  
Mikurin: Last month to my friend's birthday. But usually I'm not going anywhere with people unless it's invited. 

By becoming a high-school student means the right time for you to grow as an adul
Mikurin: I feel the way of thinking has already become adutl than before. In the past it was normal because you can't really decide and understand the meaning at all.

Tanaka Miku Gravure HKT48 Mikurin YM 005

UTB+ Magazine Gravure Vol 259 Miku Tanaka みくりん グラビア #HKT48