Keyakizaka46 Nagahama Neru on FRIDAY Autumn Gravure

FRIDAY Magazine Autumn Gravure November Issue 
Model: Nagahama Neru 長濱ねる (Kanji Keyakizaka46) 
Nagasaki, 4 September 1998 

Neru Nagahama on Friday with Upcoming 1st Photobook 'Koko Kara' released 

"I'm nervous, never thought that I'll wear bikini for a photobook because it was my first ever." neru says. 

Kodansha as the publisher of the photobook titled Koko Kara [こ こ か ら]' announced the release schedule of Nagahama Neru's photo album debut is December 19, 2017.

"Anyway all my feelings will be poured in this Seishun theme photobook, and I hope a lot of people can enjoy it." Nagahama adds. 

Photo session that has been done since last summer at Nagasaki exactly the end of June to early July it will feature Nagahama Neru gravure wearing a bikini / swimsuit. 

It is not really surprise as Neru have said that months ago when she wrotes on her blog, there will be bikinis photos on first photobook.

"This is very special for me because not all members gets the chance to release it, I've give the best for everyone to feel satisfied and enjoy the results." 

"Glad to finally get this chance so I will not waste it and give the best for everyone to enjoy, make sure to enjoy beautiful Nagasaki as well. The support from everyone, especially my best friend Uemura Rina always motivate me." says Neru on Koko Kara photobook.

Having bloody great chance join the Kanji team and immediately released first photobook, Neru Nagahama seems to be enjoying her career lately.

"It seems worrying me sometimes I think I need to re-check what has happened to me only makes me grateful."

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