Exciting journey, comes to an end

Understand, these days you can take so many forms including website / blog takeover.

Ultimately the strategy can technically, get worse, or even better than you originally planned, it was fun and exiciting, indeed.

You can just play around when making a project but in the end it becomes something interesting for you to keep 'playing'.

That's what happened to the ShukanBunshun.com blog, which ended with Happy Ending-drama.

This is a Subheading

The days are so exciting has now been passed,

Apparently, there is a 'new game' that is more than just interesting, reminiscent of childhood when buying a toy and then unused because there are more amazing toys to play with.

Many companies who dared to issue a large capital in order to develop their projects on the internet. You just can not refuse to be a part of the history maker.

Giving up something for the sake of better things, is a common and reasonable to do.

Legend says, 'You shouldn't be too happy to be in a comfort zone, try a new challenge and you'll get something new that may be better.'

A lot of reactions are coming when Shukan Bunshun's blog name comes in, seeing it is pretty funny, but hey, we also hate ShukanBunshun!

"What a f-ing s-it name that was!" first impression when naming the blog.

Shukan Bunshun Homepage Blog.png

But the game keeps going, and out of the way your plans, either getting weirdo or better, regardless of it all, it's really an amazing journey lads.

Funny to asked if this related to the Farewell Squawka? Nope.

Thanks to the 4,8 millions total Pageviews in just 9 months, thats an outstanding numbers for us tbf! We'll take that, but not really our intial aims.

Massive thanks to our guest writers, post sender, probably the best anonymouus we've ever seen.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, but thats how we used to be.

The blog will remain accessible but no new content is expected.


New challenges will come, with the best new teammates.

We may do not have history, but lads, here we'll make history.

We are now one step ahead to a bigger stage.

Author of Shukan Bunshun and Squawka.