AKB48 Hidaritomo Ayaka Graduation Details

An AKB48 Member Hidaritomo Ayaka will graduate. Hidaaya just announces her graduation on AKB theater during Team B Show Idol no Yoake in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan.

It is unclear when will Ayaka Hidaritomo graduation stage will be held as she said waiting for further details to be announced through official site, though some fans said will be around July 2023.

Hidaritomo Ayaka joined AKB48 Team 8 in 2014, has a hobby of collecting beautiful goods. She’s considered the greatest pianist Team 8 ever had.

Throwback to 2 years ago when:

One of AKB48 member, Hidaritomo Ayaka has recently become a trending topic of conversation. It was because of her behavior on the SHOWROOM Live live broadcast platform.

Ayaka Hidaritomo is an AKB48 Team 8 member who debuted in April 2014 as a representative of Yamanashi Prefecture. She is now a kennin, or concurrently with Team K since December 2017.

You could say that Hidaritomo Ayaka is a member who often & diligently interacts with her fans on the SHOWROOM Live platform. Unfortunately, there was a bit of an intolerable incident.

Hidaaya, who appeared on the broadcast at night, suddenly wore clothes that were too skimpy & uncharacteristic. She also started dancing choreographed dances of some AKB48 songs that she had performed.

One of the scenes featured that Hidaritomo Ayaka’s section repeatedly, and this segment saw a significant increase in viewership of up to 10 times. We don’t know what Hidaaya’s intention was, but SHOWROOM stopped the broadcast and detected an irregularity.

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