AKB48 Kojima Mako on Girls Magazine Vol 51

Weekly GIRL’S! Idol Magazine No. 51 
Model: Kojima Mako 小嶋真子 (AKB48 14th Generation) 
Tokyo, 30 May 1997 
Twitter: @mak0_k0jima / Instagram: @makochan_2525 
Kojima Mako’s Blog Post 
Good Morning! Today at 7pm, we’ll be on Asahi TV. 
Genuinely would be very special two-hours with us and guarantee lots of laughs out there. 
Will be interesting and fun make sure you’re all watching  us we’d makes your day and having funs together. 
I’ll be on the cover at GiRLS Magazine No 51, wintry and happiness photos. 
Please be sure you check it out and enjoying that photos on magazine.
And some fans gave me a skin-care product that I like. 
These are very nice when I try it, thanks a lot to those. 
I really love to watch these program on Tokyo TV week in week out. 
Now I realized there are so very many different jobs in this world you can do. 
And the kinds of these things are to be particular in my opinion, was really interesting. 
The announcer’s voices you can hear that I love it and hope someday I can go to Thailand!

 「girls! 2017 vol.51」Kojima Mako グラビア 小嶋真子 こじまこ#AKB

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