AKB48 Team SH Disband Date: Disbandment Cause Revealed!

AKB48 Team SH Faces Bankruptcy Rumors: Fans Discover Troubling Signs. Recently, distressing rumors have been circulating about the popular idol group from Shanghai, China, AKB48 Team SH. It is speculated that the group is facing financial difficulties and could be on the brink of bankruptcy.

The speculations gained momentum as several significant events unfolded. One of the major indicators was the absence of theater shows since June, leaving fans puzzled and worried.

Adding to the concern, the release of the highly anticipated single ‘Hisashiburi no Lip Gloss’ was postponed and its first performance was abruptly canceled without a clear explanation.

Fans and industry insiders have been closely monitoring the situation, and their findings have brought some troubling facts to light.

First, since January 2023, AKB48 Team SH has not renewed its Bstation account, a platform commonly used by idol groups to engage with their fanbase.

Additionally, in March 2023, shareholder Shangyue pledged the company’s equity in Aikai, further fueling speculation about financial instability.

The situation continued to worsen when key member Liu Nian did not participate in any AKB48 Team SH activities from March to May.

Moreover, the profile pictures of some members were left unupdated, and they were noticeably absent from group activities, hinting at internal troubles within the group.

Another alarming discovery was that Bstation updates became infrequent since May, and both AKB48 Team SH and its members’ official Weibo accounts turned yellow, signifying possible financial issues.

Theater ticket sales also came to a halt in June, and the group ceased to hold regular shows, leaving fans increasingly concerned.

Fans found further distressing evidence when several off-air shows were abruptly canceled, and the release of the latest single was also threatened with cancellation.

Furthermore, some AKB48 Team SH members took to their Weibo accounts to express their distress over the situation, acknowledging the difficulties the group was facing.

Zhu Ling, a member of AKB48 Team SH, posted a heartfelt message, expressing remorse for the situation: “Compared to myself, I just broke the box and felt sorry for everyone! Sorry for disappointing everyone (even though it wasn’t my fault).”

Gui ChuChu, another member of the group, also shared her feelings on social media, stating, “After deleting and deleting for a day, I haven’t been able to find a way to organize the language. It seems that I haven’t been able to meet everyone else expectations because of various things this year. Sorry.”

Fans were further perplexed when Gui ChuChu’s account was changed to SNH48 Team X, leading to speculation that AKB48 Team SH members might be transferred to SNH48 soon.

During a live stream, Gui ChuChu hinted at possibilities, saying, “Let’s wait for the official announcement, we can’t say now, there is still a chance to meet.”

Fans noticed that AKB48 Team SH and SNH48 officials recently had a meeting, reportedly discussing the potential transfer of all AKB48 Team SH members to SNH48 and the acquisition of the group.

As of now, neither AKB48 Team SH nor SNH48 has officially confirmed or denied the bankruptcy rumors. Fans are anxiously waiting for an official statement from both parties to clarify the situation and provide insight into the future of AKB48 Team SH.

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