BLACKPINK THE GAME OTP: Guide to Play Apk Android iOS

BLACKPINK The Game OTP. Are you a BLINK and a gamer? Perfect! Blackpink The Game Otp is a blackpink-themed game where you are tasked with taking care of blackpink and various other mini games that you can play on Android phone or an iPhone (iOS devices).

By using this application, you will start a new journey as a blackpink manager.

The various tasks you need to complete include creating blackpink’s schedule by managing your own agency, solving puzzles, and unlocking puzzles to become a producer.

In addition to the various blackpink-related things you need to take care of, you can also play mini games in Blackpink world and dress up well.

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Blackpink The Game Otp
This game is an RPG game that allows you to act as a manager of Blackpink.

You need to take care of various things that blackpink needs to boost their career.

By taking over the management of blackpink and becoming a producer is also your task that needs to be completed.

Through various training departments such as vocal training, dancing, acting, etc. you need to develop the personal abilities of blackpink members.

This is used with the aim of improving their careers so that they can develop properly.

In this game, there are blackpink photocards and videos that you can collect so that you can increase your level.

Apart from taking care of various blackpink needs, you can also play mini games in blackpink world with your friends.

In blackpink world, you can play games in real time with your friends, and you can even meet many new people.

This application is developed in a 3D version of blackpink members ready for you to play.

There are various outfits that you can choose to dress up your blackpink members where each blackpink member can have more than 1000 clothing styles.

Download Blackpink The Game OTP
If you are a blink then it is incomplete if you don’t play this game and explore the various games available.

To play it then you need to download the game where you need to prepare 98 MB of storage to be able to download it.

The steps you can use to download this game are as follows:

Click the following link
Download the game file inside
Open device settings> Security or security> Allow unknown sources
Open the downloaded file
Do the installation and wait a while
Open the game that has been installed
With the steps above, you can play blackpink-themed games and act as if you are the manager of blackpink.

Thus the review of blackpink the otp game that you can play to act as a manager who takes care of blackpink.

In addition to these main tasks, you can also play minigames in blackpink world with your friends in real time.

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