Ella, Coleen, and Frances Graduation from MNL48 confirmed?

Lately several MNL48 members uploaded something that seemed to give hint for graduate. They are Ella, Frances and Coleen, is it true that they will soon leave MNL48?

If you look at Ella’s case, she has gotten a new job as a Flight Attendant, Frances made a personal kumu account without the frills of “MNL48” and Coleen changed her Instagram photo and username.

Like the previous hints, MNL48 members often give a sign to graduate, and some time later their graduation actually confirmed by HalloHallo Entertainment (HHE) through official website.

Ella Mae Amat. Joined as a 1st generation member often shipped with Gabb and Gia.

Coleen Trinidad. Most popular MNL member in the world. Her highest rank during MNL48 General Election was 3rd. Got most followers on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

She took part on AKB48 Group Asia Festival in Bangkok as a 10 of MNL48 members going to Thailand.

On Baby Blue’s Sweet Talking Sugar, Coleen Trinidad selected as a center for the song

Frances Pinlac. It is quite different than the other two, Frances Theresia Pinlac is coming from 2nd generation. The 19 year-old Capricorn is now part of Baby Blue, an MNL48 sub-unit founded years ago.

MNL48 Frances was once graduated from the group back in May 2019 and then rejoined as a Trainee a week later. She got promoted to Team L five months later.

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