Nogizaka46 Eto Misa on FLASH Magazine 03-10

FLASH Magazine 03.10.2017 
Model: Eto Misa 衛藤美彩 (乃木坂46 / Nogizaka46 1st Generation ) 
Oita, 4 Januari 1993 
Height: 165cm / B: 82 / H: 80 
Blog: blog .nogizaka46 .com/misa.eto/ 
2011 Winner Idol Contest in Weekly Shounen 
Photobook: Hanashi wo Kikouka

Interview with Eto Misa in English Translation by Mads

The first keyword touches on last year’s Christmas live at Budokan and the goals of 2017. I wonder if you could feel the kindness of Tsumasa, “Was there such a feeling at Budokan live?” 
Misamisa: If we can achieve the goal of 2017, fans seems to have more fun too. 
I am talking about various kinds of junior members here, and is not it exercising sister-sama? 
Misa: It seems interesting if the plan with the junior members is realized. 
And the fourth is about the position after a long absence. 

It was content that can cherish Misa’s thought, such as the feeling at the time of announcement of 19th single selection and her own thoughts and conflicts with “current” group

FLASH Magazine 03.10 Eto Misa グラビア #Nogizaka46 

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