Ex JKT48 Aki Takajo on FLASH SP Vol 22

Weekly FLASH SP Magazine No.22′ 
Model: Aki Takajo 高城亜樹 (Ex AKB48 – JKT48) 
Tokyo, 3 October 1991

FLASH with Akicha 

During joining AKB48 he was transferred to JKT48 within a few months and returned to Japan to become an AKB member. 

Interesting impression and valuable experience obtained by Aki Takajo in her career became a member for a renowned idol group in Japan.
AKB48’s Team 8 held their final performances on April 30th in Yokohama after nine years of activity. 
The team was created in 2014 with a theme of “idols who come to meet you” and contained representatives of all 47 prefectures in Japan. 
During the afternoon performance, 32 graduated members of Team 8 joined the current 29 members on stage. 
At the end of the evening performance, Yui Oguri, the Tokyo representative, said “Team 8 was our youth itself. 
We love Team 8!” adding “Thank you so much for the past nine years. 
Whenever you feel sad or have a hard time, please remember Team 8”. With tears in her eyes, she pleaded “Please don’t forget Team 8”.

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