Fix VIU Premium subscription not working on Smart TV and phone

Before knowing how to fix VIU premium not working on subscription package that cannot be used, you should also know the packages that VIU provides. VIU has 2 types of packages, namely the basic package and the premium package.

In the basic package, you are given access to watch and download movies on VIU for free without the need for subscription fees and no registration required but the movies you can download are only 70% of all existing movies.

While the premium plan is a subscription and paid plan that gives you full access to all movies on VIU. All movies can be downloaded and watched, guaranteed. For new users, you can try this package for 30 days free of charge.

How to Solve VIU Premium Package Can’t Be Used
To subscribe to the VIU premium package, you only need to spend 2 USD per month. It’s an affordable amount to watch all the movies there for free.

But unfortunately, there are often some problems such as, having made payments and subscriptions, the money has been successfully transferred but the premium package cannot be used.

I don’t know what the real problem is, but first we find out what types of payment methods VIU accepts.

Quoting from VIU’s official website, here are some of the payment methods available.

Promo Code
Maxis Billing
Google Billing
Carrier Billing
Credit Card
Debit Card

And users often use methods via GoPay or Cut Credit. However, many complain that the VIU premium package cannot be used when they make payments via GoPay.

You can solve this problem by contacting the application or Google Play services.

Unfortunately, the assistance they provide is not helpful. They will ask for screenshots of the error message that prevents you from using the VIU premium package. In addition, you’ll be offered to cancel your payment.

Cancellation of payment can be done within 15 minutes to 65 days due to certain reasons.

Since this method is not very helpful, you can use other ways to solve the VIU premium package that cannot be used. I don’t know if this will help or not, but try some of the following methods.

Sign out of your VIU account and then sign in again
This is necessary to force the synchronization of info on your device to work better on the VIU platform.

Because it could be that VIU’s slow response and not so refreshed notifications make premium packages that should have been entered and used even unusable.

Check Your Subscription Status Again
To make sure again, check your subscription status. Refresh a few times, if it still doesn’t appear and can’t be used, there may be a problem with your payment.

Check your payment status
If it says the payment is pending, it means that the package cannot be used yet because the payment failed. But if the payment was successful but you still can’t use the package, the problem might be something else.

Make sure your VIU Premium Package Subscription is not on another account. Who knows, you may have multiple accounts and the premium package may have strayed into another account. Check and keep checking.

Because problems like this are impossible for VIU to just let go, they are a big brand, many people already trust them. Even if VIU can’t be used, you will definitely get a refund.

So take it easy, how to solve the VIU premium package cannot be used this is not tried either it’s okay because VIU will definitely solve your own problems.

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