Fn.gg/communitybattles Fortnite How to Join Community Battles for Rewards

Fn.gg/communitybattles How to play & join on fortnite. In development of smartphone technology brings a wide range of possibilities in terms of features and applications. Let’s find out how to join Fn GG CommunityBattles

Of the many applications and innovations that are owned, the presence of games for smartphones is increasingly loved by almost all circles. One of them that continues to rise in popularity is Fortnite Mobile with its Battle Royal mode. For those of you who are looking for a fun game to play together, let’s try this one game. Join Fn.gg/communitybattles

But over time, there have been quite a lot of improvisations made by this big game developer. Some contemporary smartphones are even designed specifically for gaming.

For this reason, the rating and also the number of downloads that Fortnite has is increasing. Not only that, to make loyal players happy, Epic Game also presents several game modes. Community Battles on Fortnite Fn.gg/communitybattles

Such as solo, duo, or squad battle royale games, which provide options for those of you who want to play together with friends. Outside of these game modes, it seems that Fortnite for android or mobile still often introduces new game styles. For example, the 50 vs 50 mode where you have to fight all the enemies and be the last one standing. There are even game modes like sniper only.

It’s obvious that you need to understand the controls of this game. Especially if you are still unfamiliar with Third Person Action games like Fortnite. Moreover, smartphone controls will obviously be very different from computers or consoles.

Not even a few veteran players have to relearn to adapt to the smartphone touch screen. There are two control modes that are still the same as other versions.

That mode is Combat and Build mode. How to play Fortnite mobile in combat mode relates to the virtual joystick display on the left of the phone screen.

This joy stick is used to move the character. On the right side, there are controls to move the camera or aim at the target. There are also shooting type buttons and also some movements, such as squatting and jumping. In the center is a slot that contains all the weapon options you have.

Above it is a small button used to reload the weapon. Then to the left of the weapon slot is a bag-shaped icon for inventory access. Full Fortnite Community Battles Join Fn. gg/communitybattles

While on the right there is a button with a picture of a building tool to enter Build mode. In Build mode, you can build objects with various materials. All you have to do is click on wood, metal or stone to build a structure.

After selecting the material, various types of building structures will appear. In this case, Fortnite mobile tries to give a simple appearance and not fill the screen Fn.gg/communitybattles. After selecting, you can adjust the location by moving the camera or rotate the structure with the rotate button that appears on the right. Then, you can place and build the structure with the place button.

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