Free Fire Update OB40: What’s new other than Spiderman?

Free Fire Releases Update OB40 Patch, There is Spider-Man and Two New Characters. Garena released an update (update) for Free Fire game. In OB40 patch update themed “June Update Let It Be Fun (Jurasyik)”, players will get a new character.

The character is named Sonia. Sonia is a scientist aka Nano Scientist who has an ability (skill) called “Nano Lifeshield”.

With this ability, players withstand damage from opponents and do not move for 0.5 seconds once they are hit by fatal damage.

After phase ends, players get a 150 HP (Hit Points) shield for three seconds.

In this limited time, gamers who knock enemies will get “blood” aka HP based on remaining shield.

If you don’t succeed in knocking, player is immediately eliminated from the match.

This skill with a 180 second cooldown can be utilized by aggressive players. Because, players can seem to “rise from grave” with a record of successfully knocking out enemies.

Garena also introduced a new “Awakened” character, namely Awakened Alok.

Basically, “Awakened” refers to an old character who gets ability upgrades and design changes.

To make a character “awakened” and stronger, players must complete “Awakening” missions to get “Awakening Shard” item.

This item is then redeemed to unlock access to character.

In terms of design, Awakened Alok now appears with a neon-colored costume. This is certainly different from his old all-black costume.

As for abilities, Awakened Alok gets a new skill called “Party Remix”.

This skill will create an aura around Alok. When active, this aura produces musical notes that are dropped 2 meters behind player every 2 seconds.

Teammates who pick up music notes will gain 3 HP per second for 10 seconds. They have 5 seconds to approach the musical note.

In comparison, Alok’s original skill aka “Drop the Beat” creates a 5-meter aura around player.

This aura can increase running speed by 15 percent and provide 3 HP for 10 seconds.

In other words, this skill with a 45 second cooldown is useful for making Alok survive on battlefield.

On the other hand, his new skills place more focus on his teammates, so Awakened Alok is perfect for team players.

Still about characters, Garena presents skill adjustments for Thiva, Kapella, and Olivia. There are also character balance changes that affect Tatsuya, Clu, Homer, Skyler, K, Iris, and many more.

Aside from characters, there is a new “Clash Squad” mode option called “Duo Active Skills”. This option allows gamers to use two active skills at once.

More specifically, gamers can combine 1 active skill of the character being used with 1 active skill of another character, even for characters they don’t have yet.

The overall gameplay mechanism of “Free Fire” was changed through introduction of “Gloo Maker” item.

The item functions to create a “Gloo Wall”, which is a piece of equipment that can build a protective wall from enemy attacks.

According to Garena, “Gloo Wall” is one of determinants of victory aka “Booyah!” in “Free Fire”.

Unfortunately, not all players are lucky enough to use “Gloo Wall” at right time, so “Gloo Maker” is here to make it easier for players to get that “wall of defense”.

With “Gloo Maker”, each player can continue to increase the number of “Gloo Wall” periodically until end of match. Players have been provided with a “Gloo Maker” that can be used to create 1 “Gloo Wall”.

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The number of “Gloo Wall” increases by 1 to 2 pieces every time gamers eliminate opponents and can also increase through opponent’s “Loot Box”.

Players can increase level of “Gloo Maker” by using “Gloo Chip” obtained from “Airdrop”, “Vending Machine”, “Arsenal”, “Weapon Box”, or “Blue Zone”.

Other features present in OB40 patch include a new lobby design that has “Friends List” menu permanently displayed in lobby.

There’s also a new “Achievement” system that rewards players for their achievements in Fighting, Collector, and Career categories.

Collaboration with Spider-Man
From official statement received by ShukanBunshun, Thursday (1/6/2023) collaboration with film “Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse” can be enjoyed starting June 9.

During this period, players seem to be Spider-Man who can shoot webs and swing through buildings.

Players can race “parkour” and use spider web to slow down enemies.

Event tokens earned while doing “parkour” can be redeemed for various exciting event prizes.

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