GIVEAWAY! How to get Genos FF Bundle on Free Fire

Genos Free Fire Bundle Giveaway how to get for free. The Genos Ff bundle is one of the items you can get at Mystery Shop Free Fire. Using this bundle will maximize your abilities so that you can get booyah faster and defeat your opponent,

As we know that free fire often provides various things for updates so that players don’t get bored.

One of them is the mystery shop free fire where you can buy a variety of interesting items at more affordable prices.

In the mystery shop, one of the interesting items you need to try is the genos bundle.

Ff Genos Bundle
Bundle genos is an item that presents the Genos hero with a number of interesting skills that you can try.

Based on a review from one of the Youtubers, it states that you will be very lucky if you buy this bundle.

At the beginning of using this bundle, he was able to dominate the game so that he had no difficulty in competing against the enemy.

With the acquisition of 3 kills at the beginning of the game when using this genos bundle so that its strength cannot be underestimated.

By the middle, he had reached 8 kills, increasing his chances of winning.

At the end of the match, he got a booyah indicating that he had successfully won the match.

This shows that the genos bundle has great power to conquer opponents.

You can get this bundle at the current Mystery Shop Free Fire.

Make sure you don’t miss out on getting this bundle because this bundle is not available in the Free Fire shop every time.

Immediately get and use it to find out the capabilities of this bundle so as to increase the chances of booyah.

The existence of a mystery Shop Free Fire is also usually only within a certain period of time, so if you miss it and don’t have time to buy then you have to wait for the same event.

In addition, to get this bundle, prepare a number of diamonds to buy the bundle you are referring to.

You can top up if your diamond amount is less than the amount needed to buy the genos bundle.

Genos studied with Saitama to be the strongest, so it’s no wonder that Genos has a high fighting spirit.

Thus the review of the genos bundle that you can now get at mystery shop fre fire.

Make sure you don’t miss it because this event only exists for a certain period of time.

If you miss it then you need to wait for the same event to come a little later.

By using the genos bundle, it will increase your chances of winning in the Free Fire game.

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