GIVEAWAY: Odette Create Skin Sage of The Current Free MLBB Epic

How to get free Odette Epic Skin Sage of The Current in Mobile Legends giveaway? It’s been a long way for all of us MLBB gamers in waiting for these kind of new skins to be released in advanced server for public, now time has come guys.

This elegant of Odette Sage of The Current skin making players even more excited to use the hero, wallpaper also having great design. The skin is actually looks premiun, elegant, and of course to be exclusive when you’re in the Land of Dawn.

You have to purchase with 899 Diamonds or joining event to get Odette Epic Skin Sage of The Current. The price tag may vary depending on your luck, you’d love to buy the skins at discounted price or during specific events available by Moonton, pattern are unsure.

Some gamers also would like to get free Odette Sage of The Current skin Epic just for collections even though they are rarely played this hero or because this one is not their favorite heroes. This is natural because the more permanent skins in an MLBB account, the cooler it is for them.

Luckily you’re entering the right place, since we will be doing another giveaway. If you are interested in getting free Odette Epic Skin “Sage of The Current”, let’s check it out and follow the rules.

We’ll keep it simple. You just comment explaining why we should pick you to win and get this free Odette Create skin.

You only need to comment once, and include your in-game name and current rank to make it easier for us to distribute the prize at right winners obviously.

Winners will not be announced on this page, we will confirm via in-game chat before sending them out. If there is no response within 3×24 hours after we contact you, the winner will be switched to another user who joined.

Does the higher rank determine the chance of victory? No, rank only makes it easier for us to find the right winner so that we don’t send the wrong one.

Are winners subject to additional fees? NO. Winners will get skins without having to pay anything else.

We will update the Terms of Service at any time without prior notice if necessary. And that is how to get free Odette Epic Skin Sage of The Current in our giveaway, good luck!

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