Guide: Free Migration in Call of Dragons Change Server Without Gems

In Call of Dragons migrating without using gems can be a bit more challenging, but it’s still possible. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to migrate without using gems:

Join an Active Alliance: Being part of an active alliance is crucial for successful migration. Alliances often provide resources and support to their members, making the migration process easier.

Accumulate Resources: Save up as many resources as possible before the migration. Focus on gathering resources like food, wood, and gold by actively participating in events, quests, and other activities within the game. Stockpiling resources will be vital during the migration process.

Train Troops: Strengthen your army by training as many troops as possible. This will help you defend against potential attacks during the migration and establish a presence in your new kingdom.

Locate a Suitable Migration Target: Find a new kingdom that suits your needs and where you can migrate without using gems. Look for a kingdom with lower power players or alliances that are friendly and willing to accommodate your migration.

Plan the Migration: Coordinate with your alliance and determine the best time for the migration. Choose a time when your alliance members can provide support and defend against potential attacks during the transition.

Minimize Power: Reduce your power level before migrating. Use up your resources, including food, wood, and gold, as they won’t transfer with you. Upgrade your buildings, research technologies, and train troops to decrease your available power.

Shield and Reinforce: Prior to the migration, activate any available shields to protect your city from attacks. Additionally, ask alliance members or friends to reinforce your city with their troops, which will provide an extra layer of defense during the migration process.

Initiate Migration: Once you have completed all the necessary preparations, initiate the migration process. Follow the in-game instructions to migrate to your chosen kingdom. It might take some time for the migration to complete, so be patient.

Rebuild and Establish: Once you have successfully migrated to your new kingdom, focus on rebuilding your city and establishing yourself within the new environment. Work on gathering resources, training troops, and participating in kingdom-wide events to grow your power and influence.

Remember, migrating without gems may require more effort and planning, but it’s still possible with the right strategy and support from your alliance.

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