How to delete Photos on Snack Video and Profile Picture

How to Delete Photos on Snack Video and remove profile picture – In posting or uploading something to social media, often someone makes a mistake.

Fortunately, some social media do provide a feature to delete posts so that mistakes that occur can be corrected.

As is the case with snack video which is a fairly well-known social media application for now also provides this feature.

A person can delete posts that feel problematic and want to be fixed to get better and optimal posts.

For those who are confused about how, we will provide information on how to delete photos in snack video practically.

Snack Video is a social media application similar to the TikTok application where it contains short video footage.

This application began to rise when the incessant snack video in promoting and distributing money to its users.

Until finally the snack video application was able to compete with TikTok which appeared first and had great success.

Various kinds of photos and videos commonly referred to as posts can be uploaded into the snack video application to be seen by many people.

Even in snack video it also allows someone to put up a profile picture indicating that the account is indeed his own.

Like other social media, snack video users can also install profile photos so that the account looks more alive and actively used.

In addition, profile photos can also be used as an identity and make it easier for someone to find the account in question.

A profile photo is a picture that is used as a marker or image that is posted on a person’s account profile column.

Profile photos are not just pictures of faces, but can be customized according to the wishes of the users of the video snack application so that they are more varied.

Many are confused when they want to delete photos in snack video so we will provide an explanation of how below.

How to Delete Photos on Snack Video
To be able to delete photos in video snacks, especially in the profile photo section, users need to take a few steps that we will provide.

Actually the method is very easy but it will be difficult for those who are still laymen, the following are the ways you need to do.

Open the browser on your device first.
Enter the keyword “Empty PP”.
Select the “Image” section.
Search and select the image to your liking.
Download the image to save in the gallery.
Next, use it as a photo in a video snack.

That way, you have succeeded in replacing your profile photo as if the photo has been deleted because it only contains a blank profile photo.

This is an alternative way because video snacks do not provide steps to delete profile photos directly.

That is how to delete photos from Snack Video permanently including remove your profile picture easily on Android or iOS iPhone.

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