Makino Maria Photobook “Dear MARIA” Details

More details on Makino Maria photobook “Dear MARIA” you might be wondering all this time. The wait is over if you’re a big fan of her, now that your oshimen and beloved idol will release a photo album.

Aren’t you excited? Who doesn’t! Getting a huge chance and big opportunity in releasing a photobook isn’t for everyone even if there’s just two members in an idol group, not all of them would’ve had the same chance.

That is why in J-Pop, almost every single member of a girl group is dreaming to get their own photobook. Music industry is just a side dish for them but we’re here to talk about an amazing preview of Maria Makino photobook which we’ll be eventually love it.

There are many factors and considerations from the management before they give a photobook to a group member. Popularity is only number one amongst the main ones such as achievements, contributions, and how well prepared a member is.

Now are you thinking of buying it? Of course if your answer is yes, then check it out what she has to say about Makino Maria photobook.

Regarding Makino Maria new Photobook she has her comments on her feelings, the great opportunity, “I’m very happy and grateful to have decided to release my 1st photo book, which I have dreamed of for a long time.”

“I had always thought that one day when I would be able to publish my own photo book, I would definitely filming that in my hometown too.” says Makino Maria.

“Furthermore, the longer I was away from my parents, the more I wanted to take pictures on the Island in my prefecture, and this time I was able to make that dream come true!”

“I think this book is a documentary of the places that I remember and spent from my childhood. To the all fans, I’m sorry to make you wait so long for the release of the photobook.”

“But I would like to share with you my personal growth over the past seven years and my thoughts on how I would like to continue to improve, I hope you can look forward to it, as it is filled with my life-size self, including dreams that have come true over the past seven years!” she said on Makino Maria Photobook.

What format of file? Official scans digital version is Makino Maria Photobook RAR or ZIP with scanned photos. You might purchase them through Amazon JP.

About Makino Maria photobook Dear MARIA details publisher has said they will give special postcard with a message from her included by random pickout of six types as a part of bonus according to Amazon Japan Kinokuniya, Seven Net Shopping, and Rakuten Limited Cover Edition.

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