MLBB Ixia: How to play new Marksman hero in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Best Ixia Build, Items, Battle Spells, Emblem, how to play new hero on MLBB. Mobile Legends, where battles are fought and legends are made, Ixia stands as a formidable and highly agile hero.

With her lightning-fast movements and deadly precision, she has become a fan-favorite among players. In this article, we will delve into the unique abilities, playstyle, and strategies of Ixia, exploring why she has become such a dominant force on the battlefield.

Overview of Ixia: Ixia is a Marksman hero who excels in quickly eliminating high-value targets on the enemy team.

Her kit is designed around swift mobility, burst damage, and the ability to outmaneuver opponents. Her incredible agility allows her to traverse the battlefield with ease, making her a fearsome opponent to face.


Enhanced Movement (Passive):
Ixia’s passive ability grants her enhanced movement speed and attack power after casting a skill. This allows her to swiftly engage or disengage from fights and deal devastating damage in the process.

Lightning Strike:
Ixia’s first skill allows her to dash towards a target, dealing damage and stunning the enemy upon impact. This ability is crucial for initiating fights, catching fleeing enemies, or evading incoming threats.

Phantom Blades:
With her second skill, Ixia unleashes a flurry of blades in a cone-shaped area, damaging and slowing all enemies hit. This ability is excellent for wave clearing, harassing opponents, and setting up kills for herself or her teammates.

Tempest Dance (Ultimate):
Ixia’s ultimate ability is a deadly dance of destruction. Upon activation, she rapidly moves around her target, unleashing a series of strikes that deal massive damage. This ultimate makes her an extremely dangerous duelist and allows her to eliminate squishy targets swiftly.

Playstyle and Strategies:
To effectively utilize Ixia’s potential, players must adopt an aggressive and opportunistic playstyle.

Her ability to swiftly engage and disengage from fights makes her an exceptional Marksman who can pick off vulnerable enemies. Here are a few strategies to maximize Ixia’s impact:

Ambush and Burst: Use Ixia’s mobility and burst damage to catch unaware enemies off guard. Look for opportunities to dash in with Lightning Strike, unleash Phantom Blades for crowd control, and finish off with the deadly Tempest Dance.

Split-Pushing: Ixia’s excellent wave-clearing capabilities make her a strong split-pusher. Take advantage of her mobility to push lanes, draw enemy attention, and create opportunities for your team to secure objectives elsewhere.

Target Priority: Identify high-priority targets such as enemy marksmen or mages. Use your mobility to swiftly eliminate them before they can unleash their full potential in team fights.

Timing and Positioning: Properly timing your abilities and positioning yourself in team fights is crucial. Look for opportunities to engage when key enemy abilities are on cooldown, or when the enemy team is grouped tightly together, allowing you to maximize your damage output.

Ixia is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Mobile Legends. Her lightning-fast movements, burst damage, and high mobility make her a formidable Marksman on the battlefield.

Whether you prefer to ambush unsuspecting enemies, split-push lanes, or focus on eliminating priority targets, Ixia’s versatility and skillset allow for various playstyles.

Mastering her abilities, timing, and positioning will enable you to dominate the game and leave your enemies in awe of your prowess. Embrace the power of Ixia and unleash your inner Marksman in Mobile Legends.

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