MLBB Nolan: Best Build, Battle Spell, Emblems, How to Play?

Mobile Legends new Assassin hero Best MLBB Nolan build items, battle spell, emblem, and how to play? We all know, Mobile Legends is a highly popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that boasts a wide variety of heroes with unique abilities and playstyles.

Among them is Nolan, a swift and deadly assassin who specializes in stealth and burst damage.

In this article, we will delve into the optimal build, emblem selection, and battle spell choices to maximize Nolan’s potential on the battlefield.

Best Nolan Build in MLBB. As an assassin, Nolan relies on swift movements and high burst damage to eliminate his targets.

The following build focuses on enhancing his damage output and survivability:

Rapid Boots: Start with Rapid Boots to improve Nolan’s movement speed, allowing him to quickly move between lanes and escape dangerous situations.

Endless Battle: This core item complements Nolan’s skills perfectly, providing him with additional damage, true damage, and sustainability.

The true damage effect synergizes with Nolan’s passive ability, allowing him to deal devastating blows to his foes.

Blade of Despair: This item greatly amplifies Nolan’s damage potential, especially when engaging low-health enemies.

It provides a significant boost to attack power and critical damage, making it a must-have for assassins.

Bloodlust Axe: This item enhances Nolan’s survivability by granting him spell vamp, which allows him to regain health based on his damage dealt. With this item, Nolan becomes more self-sufficient in prolonged fights.

Berserker’s Fury: Critical strikes are essential for assassins, and Berserker’s Fury provides a substantial increase in both critical chance and critical damage.

This item further enhances Nolan’s burst potential, especially when combined with his ultimate ability.

Blade of the Heptaseas: As the game progresses, enemies may start building defensive items to counter Nolan’s burst damage.

Blade of the Heptaseas provides armor penetration, allowing Nolan to bypass some of the enemy’s defenses and deal significant damage.

II. Emblem Selection:
To optimize Nolan’s effectiveness as an assassin, the Assassin emblem set is the most suitable choice. Focus on the following emblem talents:

  1. Bravery: This talent enhances Nolan’s physical attack, allowing him to deal more damage with each strike.
  2. Invasion: Invasion grants Nolan armor penetration, enabling him to bypass the enemy’s armor and deal true damage. This talent is crucial for shredding through tankier opponents.
  3. Killing Spree: Killing Spree provides Nolan with additional physical attack and spell vamp upon securing a kill or assist. It helps him sustain in team fights and continue his onslaught.

III. Battle Spell Choices:
Selecting the right battle spell can greatly influence Nolan’s survivability and kill potential. Two viable options are:

Retribution: Retribution is an excellent choice for Nolan, especially in the early game. It allows him to secure jungle monsters more efficiently, granting him gold and experience advantages.

This spell also provides a finishing blow effect, which can be used to secure kills on low-health enemies.

Flicker: Flicker is a versatile spell that offers both offensive and defensive utility. It can be used to surprise enemies, initiate team fights, or escape dangerous situations.

Flicker is particularly useful when combined with Nolan’s ultimate ability, allowing him to quickly close the gap and assassinate high-priority targets.

Nolan, the assassin hero in Mobile Legends, possesses the tools necessary to swiftly eliminate his enemies.

By utilizing the recommended build, emblem selection, and battle spell choices mentioned in this guide, you can maximize Nolan’s damage potential and dominate the battlefield. Remember, practice and experience are key to mastering any hero, so go forth and unleash the shadows with Nolan. Good luck and Happy Gaming!

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