MLBB Project NEXT 2023 Big Major Update Mobile Legends Schedule

When will Mobile Legends Project NEXT Global Update 2023 Released on MLBB Major Patch for Advanced Server. Big update is coming soon. How much is the massive Mobile Legends update in GB 2023? These types of questions certainly arise in the minds of fans of Asia’s most popular MOBA game.

Mobile Legends has a habit of updates that aim to keep the game growing. In addition, Moonton certainly strives for updates so that META becomes dynamic and heroes that were never used become used.

In general, the season will end once every 12 weeks which is accompanied by an update. The difference is, a massive update is done once a year which is certainly much more significant changes than regular season updates.

Curious about how much GB is the massive Mobile Legends update 2023? We have summarized the following information from various sources:

How much GB data is the 2023 massive Mobile Legends update?
The size of the massive Mobile Legends update 2023 will take up 1 GB of space in the download process. In other words, Mobile Legends will be more than 8 GB in size.

The total size is certainly very suitable for the quality of the Mobile Legends game later, especially in the massive update there will be many changes from revamp to quality and features.

The way to update the massive Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the same as the regular season update usually, namely by pressing Update when you log in to MLBB or through the Play Store and App Store.

Not only that, later you will also be required to download a large enough in-game so that all heroes to features are visible again and there is no lag.

Here is additional information about the massive Mobile Legends update 2023:

Revamp 17 heroes, among others:


Not only that, Moonton also intends to buff and nerf some heroes.

Mobile Legends players currently have one big question, namely when Mobile Legends update Project NEXT 2023? Here is the answer!

From its official social media accounts, Moonton has released a video of their plans to make a major update to the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang.

Unfortunately, Moonton itself has not yet announced the exact release time of the update. However, many players predict that the update will be released at the following time.

If you look at previous seasons, when entering a new season there will usually be a fairly large update. This update is like a change in UI appearance, game mechanics, and the appearance and skills of several heroes.

Currently Mobile Legends is entering season 28. So, it is estimated that the Project NEXT update will occur in season 29 around June 2023.

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