Nine Kornchid role on The Rise of Ning explained

INTO1 Gao Qingchen aka Nine Kornchid is back to the cinema! Are you excited? Nine Kornchid, a Thai singer who is now working in China, is better known as an actor than an idol.

The reason is, his first appearance was when the BL series ‘2 Moons 2’ aired and at that time Nine Kornchid’s presence captured the attention of the public for his good looks and acting skills.

Not long after series ended, Nine Kornchid decided to pursue his other dream of becoming an idol by challenging himself to continue his career in China.

By participating in the Produce Camp 2021 survival show as a stepping stone for hm from an actor to an idol, Nine Kornchid continued to show great abilities.

On the final night, Nine finally realized his dream and debuted with boy group INTO1 in 2021 under Wajijiwa Entertainment.

Several years in INTO1 made netizens forget who Nine Kornchid really was as an actor because he continued to promote himself as a singer and an idol.

On Monday (19/06), Tencent video announced that they will be releasing a series titled ‘The Rise of Ning’ which is adapted from a novel with title ‘Shou Fu Yang Cheng Shou Ce’.

In this series, Nine Kornchid gets a chance to play role of ‘Cheng Lang’ who is the handsome, graceful and intelligent second young master of the Cheng family.

This series also finally allowed Nine Kornchid to show that before becoming an idol, he was an actor and during filming Nine showed extraordinary acting skills.

Although only a support role, Nine’s acting skills from this series became an important step for Nine to show himself again who was born as an actor.

‘The Ring of Ning; is rumored to be airing in 2024 with 40 episodes and according to the news we got the entire crew, cast and several other people will be filming for about 120 days in the city of Hengdian, Zhengjiang province, China.

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