BREAKING: 8Princess Disbandment is official

Weekly FLASH Magazine Special Mid-summer 2017 
Model: Yoda Yuki, Momoko Ozono, Ikuta Erika (Nogizaka46) 
8princess announced that they will disband on March 31st, 2024.  The Hachioji-based group formed in 2012, currently has just two members, Mei Shimizu and original member, Riko Nakajima.
AKB48 has become the group with the most Top 10 singles in the Oricon chart, after the first week sales of their 61st single, “Doushitemo Kimi ga Suki da” – the idol group has had 59 works, beating Arashi’s 58. 
They also have hit the top of the charts with 48 consecutive number 1’s  since “RIVER” in 2009, a record for a female artist.
An idol otaku will produce a new idol group for Plus Production, known for groups such as JAPANARIZM and Honey Spice Re. 
She may be relatively unknown, but Mayupipi is a YouTube Influencer, singer-songwriter and has written idol lyrics, and she is now looking to create a new group in the Mayupipi Produced Idol Audition.
“AFTERS” are a new six-person idol group from ALLYOUNEEDS Inc., who manage “situasion”. The songs and concept were not clarified at launch, but their tagline of “CAKE, ALE, AFTERS” sounds interesting. They will make their debut some time in June.
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