SNH48 10th General Election Final Results and FULL Announcements

SNH48 10th General Election Final Results and FULL Announcements. Shanghai-based music group SNH48 officially announced the final voting results for their highly anticipated ’10th Annual General Election’.

The much-awaited announcement was made during the Team HII theater performance titled “Ultimate Mission,” and it was delivered exclusively by Siba artist Gao Rong, adding an extra level of excitement and anticipation among fans and members alike.

The SNH General Election is an annual event where fans vote for their favorite members, and the top-ranking members get the opportunity to be part of the prestigious Senbatsu, which is the Top 16.

This year’s election saw some intense competition and surprises that kept fans on the edge of their seats until the final results were unveiled.

Taking the top spot once again in the Senbatsu is the talented and popular Yuan YiQi, a member of SNH48.

Her consistent appeal and fan support have helped her maintain her position at the pinnacle of the group.

At the second position, we have Wang Yi, another SNH48 member who managed to secure a high rank in this year’s election.

However, the biggest surprise came in the form of Duan Yixuan, who had secured the second spot last year.

Unfortunately, she had to drop down the rankings this time, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the elections and how they can sometimes lead to unexpected results.

Now, let’s take a look at the full list of the top 16 members or Senbatsu for the SNH48 10th General Election:

  1. Yuan Yiqi (SNH48)
  1. Wang Yi (SNH48)
  2. Song Xinran (SNH48)
  3. Zhou Shiyu (SNH48)
  4. Zheng Danni (GNZ48) / (SNH48)
  5. Chen Ke (GNZ48)
  6. Zeng Aijia (GNZ48)
  7. Duan Yixuan (SNH48)
  8. Yang Bingyi (SNH48)
  9. Liu Lifei (GNZ48)
  10. Zhu Yixin (GNZ48)
  11. Bai Xinyu (SNH48)
  12. Hu Xiaohui (SNH48)
  13. Hong Jingwen (GNZ48)
  14. Liu Zengyan (SNH48)
  15. Huang Yici (BEJ48)

Following Senbatsu, there are the Under Girls, consisting of the members ranked from 17th to 32nd, and the Next Girls, who are ranked from 33rd to 48th.

Under Girls (Top 32)

  1. Han Jiale (SNH48)
  2. Jiang Shuting (SNH48)
  3. Tang Lijia (GNZ48)
  4. Fei Qinyuan (SNH48)
  5. Su Shanshan (SNH48)
  6. Zuo Jingyuan (SNH48)
  7. Chen Lin (SNH48)
  8. Huang Chuyin (GNZ48)
  9. Liu Xian (SNH48)
  10. Lin Shuqing (SNH48)
  11. You Miao (SNH48)
  12. Sun Xiaoyan (BEJ48)
  13. Luo Hanyue (GNZ48)
  14. Liang Jiao (GNZ48)
  15. Zhang Huaijin (SNH48)
  16. Zhou Xiang (BEJ48)

Next Girls (Top 48)

  1. Nong Yanping (GNZ48) / (SNH48)
  2. Fang Qi (GNZ48)
  3. Wu Yufei (GNZ48)
  4. Tian Shuli (SNH48)
  5. Liu Qianqian (GNZ48) / (SNH48)
  6. Qing Yuwen (SNH48)
  7. Zhang Run (GNZ48)
  8. Ma Yuling (SNH48)
  9. Wang RuiQi (GNZ48)
  10. Shen XiaoAi (SNH48)
  11. Lu TianHui (SNH48)
  12. Yang KeLu (GNZ48)
  13. Yan Qin (SNH48)
  14. Lu XinYi (SNH48)
  15. Yang YuanYuan (GNZ48)
  16. Huang XuanQi (BEJ48) / (GNZ48)

These rankings also hold great significance as they determine the prominence and opportunities for the members in various performances and activities.

SNH48 10th General Election concert, where the final announcement took place, was held at the prestigious Shanghai Pudong Oriental Sports Center in August 2023.

The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and support as fans gathered to witness the exciting results and cheer on their beloved members.

This event not only showcased the talents of the elected members but also celebrated the hard work and dedication of the entire SNH48 group.

The success of the election and the concert was a testament to the strong bond between SNH48 and their loyal fanbase, whose love and support continue to drive the group forward.

Their members who made it to the Senbatsu, Under Girls, and Next Girls can look forward to participating in various SNH48 activities, including music releases, theater performances, and promotional events.

As of rankings also reflect the growing popularity and influence of the group, both within China and internationally.

As SNH48 10th General Election concluded, it marked another milestone in the group’s successful journey in the music industry.

With a dedicated fanbase and immensely talented members, SNH48 continues to pave the way for the future of Chinese idol groups and music.

In conclusion, SNH48 10th General Election final results brought joy and excitement to both the group’s members and their devoted fans.

Congratulations to all the members who participated and secured their rankings. As SNH48 journey continues, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter and the bright future that lies ahead for their beloved group.

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