What does MLBB Moonton Dark System mean and how to escape?

What is Moonton Dark System meaning in Mobile Legends? And how to escape from MLBB dark system by developer? It was all revealed and if you’re Mobile Legends Bang Bang gamer, you have to read til the end!

Cherizawa gave an explanation about Moonton’s dark system which is often experienced by Mobile Legends players.

In playing Mobile Legends, of course you can feel a win streak or a lose streak, it is undeniable and many say it is a dark system.

What is Moonton dark system? It is considered to always occur and repeatedly by public players especially if you play solo, duo, or trio later.

Many say that this is happening by Moonton itself, but Cherizawa provides an explanation of the system.

Explanation of Moonton’s Dark System from Cheri.
For you solo players in playing Mobile Legends, it is certainly not unusual to face opponents who are considered too good for your level.

But it is the opposite where you will usually get players with average skills below the standard that we usually call newbie.

Many say this is a dark system owned by Moonton to organize a match in the land of dawn.

Through her Instagram Story, Cherbarnacha also provided an explanation of this and what actually happens in a game.

“So friends if you play or rank with a party, solo, duo or trio the remaining two and opponent will be searched for based on system. When you find a match, their system will search for opponents and friends whose rank is not far from yours.

Now when you wait for more than a minute and there is a small rocket button that you press, then system will find an opponent or friend at that random, it can be better or lower skill further down,” she added.

Dark System is one of many factors that make it difficult for players to rise to a much higher rank. Discussing hidden tricks that other players don’t know at all is certainly an interesting thing to examine, and Moonton Dark System is no exception.

This term originated from the posting of complaints from Mobile Legendg players, which when they wanted to advance to a higher rank but were thwarted by getting a lower skill team. As a result they were hit by Dark System implemented by Moonton.

For example, you want to leave the five-star Legend 1 tier when you want to try to rank up to Mythic suddenly you get a teammate who is trolling or a slicker enemy.

So does this Dark System only apply to the games mentioned above? The answer applies to all online games, especially in competitive genres such as Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, PUBG, League of Legends Wild Rift, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile and so on. This impact is more pronounced when you play it alone or single player where you get a random team but end up unlucky which causes defeat to the team.

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