Yamaguchi Yukina punishment from TA Joshi confirmed

TA Joshi member Yamaguchi Yukina has apologised for allowing herself to be interviewed by a YouTuber while handing out flyers, resulting in what was described as ‘unacceptable content’ (since removed) and not idol-like behaviour.

The management of TA Joshi said they deeply regretted what happened, and realised it showed a lack of supervision.

Yukina Yamaguchi has agreed to never act arbitrarily in the future, and will not be punished for her actions.

She was previously got flooded by fans on her SNS, most of them says Yamaguchi Yukina should issued apology as she has potential to ruining TA Joshi’s reputation.

A fan wrote that Yamaguchi Yukina needs more popularity hence she just accepting every single interview and collab from another influencers.

Official statement has beeen released and it seems going trending topic on Twitter Japan.

TA Joshi is a Japanese idol group. And Yamaguchi Yukina is one of their members. Born on January from Gunma prefecture.

She overwhelms everyone with her good looks that both herself and others admit and his absolute singing ability.

The genius response sent during the stage will surely make men and women fall in love. Yukina Yamaguchi has a kind heart and loves animals more than anything else.

What is your thoughts on this case? Should management take any more action if Yamaguchi Yukina doing further group’s violation in the future?

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